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Bunny Bash, A Fun-Filled Summer

Bunny Bash, A Fun-Filled Summer

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  • Filled with Canadian grains and sewn by hand in Canada, these heating pads will give you comfort where it's needed most. Crafted into stylish designs, these reusable heating pads keep you warm while sipping your morning coffee.

      • 100% MADE IN CANADA - We Provide a Full Guarantee That Our Product is Fully Hand Crafted in Ontario, Canada.
      • 🧶 100% COTTON FABRIC - We Use Only 100% Cotton Fabric Approved By the National Cotton Council of America.
      • 🌾 100% CANADIAN GRAINS - We are Proud to Work With the Oat Farmers of Ontario! We Use Only Canadian Grains with no GMO.
      • 👐 100% HAND-MADE - We Guarantee That All Our Products Were Crafted By Hand and Not By a Machine. 
      • 🪢 DOUBLE FABRIC LAYER - For Extra Heat Retention. Our Product Has Two Fabric Layers - Both Layers are 100% Cotton Fabric.
      • 🎁 PERFECT GIFT - Great idea for Birthdays 🎉 , Holidays 🥳, Christmas🎄, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Graduation, Techer present and more! 
      • 🌿 Aora Healing Pad was Designed For Holistic Therapy - Provides Moist Heat ☀️ and Cold ❄️ Therapy.

    We Love What We Do and Your Satisfaction is Our Pride!


    Our Product is also excellent for your pet.

      • Warm up their kennel for a safe warm transport.
      • Excellent for post-operative recovery.
      • Or just use them to warm their beds on a cold night.


      ● 100% Cotton - Super Snuggle Flannel Fabric
      ● 100% Canadian Whole Cleaned Oats - Gluten Free - No GMO


      Width - 5 inches x Length - 20 inches. Weight - approximately 600 grams.

      Care Instructions

      Store the product in a cool and dry place. Your pad will feel wonderful
      stored in a freezer. Cold preserves the oats for longer, as well as it
      allows you to use Cold Therapy right away. You may always heat the
      product directly after taking it out of the freezer for Heat therapy.
      To clean the product wipe the fabric with a damp cloth.
      DO NOT WASH OR SOAK THE PRODUCT - water can make an irreversible oat damage!

      How to use

      Holistic MOIST HEAT Therapy:
      Clean the microwave to remove any oil stains or food residue. Place
      product on the clean plate. Heat in a microwave for 2 minutes on high.
      Shake well after removing from the Microwave. Product may be applied
      directly to skin.
      Reheating the product should be done after 10 minutes minimum.
      MOIS HEAT Therapy duration 20-30 minutes.
      Holistic COLD Therapy:
      To use as a cold pack, chill the product in the freezer in a tightly
      sealed bag for 2-3 hours, then enjoy a relaxing comfort time.
      Cold Therapy Duration: 10-15 minutes.
      Product may be applied directly to skin.


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      waste of money

      I would give this cat heating pad a three-star rating because while it is made with high-quality materials and has good features like being double-layered for extra heat retention, I found that while it's marketed for use with cats, it was too small for my larger cat to comfortably lie on. However, I appreciated the product's Canadian-made and all-natural features and could see it working well for smaller cats or other small pets.

      I love every bit of this!

      Finally, something actually made in Canada. Super high quality, warm, soft and cozy, and the pattern is adorable! Tried a couple of warmers before that claimed to be made in Canada or USA; however, I saw the same pillows on AliExpress that in fact made in China. In this case the pillow is high quality. The fabric is nice, thick and durable, the filling is exactly what I needed, the package is absolutely beautiful and can be used as a present for your parent, teacher or kid. They will thank you warmly. Thank you Aora for providing such a beautiful thoughtful gift for purchase. I love every bit of this!

      Filled with Whole Oats

      Our company uses the whole oats containing all three parts of the grain - the germ, endosperm, and bran - which makes our heating pad much lighter than others while providing much better heat retention.

      This filling has a great balance between being shapeable, with a bit of heft, and still being lightweight and comfortable.

      We are Proud to Work With the Oat Farmers of Ontario! We Use Only Canadian Grains with no GMO.

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